Informing about sustainable management

A general overview of the requirements for sustainable management and sustainable products
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The transformation of our linear economy (raw material extraction, processing, use, disposal) into a circular economy (cyclical use of recyclable materials) is the central part of the European Union’s Green Deal.

To a certain extent, this transformation requires a return to valuable products that can be returned to second-hand goods market, or can be repaired, individual components and parts can be reused and, last but not least, materials can be recycled or composted without leaving any residues.

This reconsideration requires engineering skills that have already been partially forgotten and that have to be enriched with our modern possibilities. Moreover, an expanded range of services in connection with products (product leasing instead of sales, repair, maintenance, renovation) is becoming increasingly relevant.

Especially with the business models that can be derived from this – namely to offer customers solutions for their requirements instead of products – there is also a close coupling of circular economy with the potential of digital business models.